I have attempted to institute the following privacy policies for "":

1. Individuals lacking a death date and born after 1910 are presumed to be living.

2. For all individuals presumed to be living, the only information about that individual that will be displayed without a user account will be the full name.

3. Family members may request a user account that will then enable them to have access to all data available for any individual who is living. Click on "Register for a User Account", complete the form, and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. Usually, within a 24 hour period, you will then receive a response indicating that you have been authorized to view all information on individuals who are living or presumed to be living.

4. If any living individual wishes to not have their name appear in "", please contact me and I will make the necessary changes so that your name will not be displayed.

5. Your email address will never be shared with any other parties nor will it be used for commercial purposes.

Please note that the genealogical community has long debated the issue of privacy and the amount of information that should be made available for individuals who are still living or presumed to be alive. Everyone agrees that a social security number should not be posted for anyone still living. But beyond the SSN, there is no consistent view on what should or should not be made available for individuals who are still living. Ironically, an amazing amount of online and in-print information is already available for individuals who are still living. I have "mined" such information continuously to pull together the information that is contained in my genealogy database. Obituaries, if found, routinely list the names of survivors. Public records exist nationwide containing names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Birth, marriage, military enlistment, and draft registration records may contain birthdates. A wide range of miscellaneous documents available on the Internet can also provide what many view as "sensitive" data that should not be provided via genealogical websites for individuals who are still living.

Bill Christianson
20 October 2009